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Elizabeth Robidoux

Welcome to our journey

Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for believing.  As we grow, our paths change. My journey has placed me on a path of healing. I heal bodies, hearts and spirit through Mediumship, Intuitive Readings, and Reiki.  My goal during each session is to bring peace, greater health, and inner tranquility to my clients. 



Mediumship and Intuitive Sessions

Tarot, Oracle, and Angel Cards

Development Classes

Reiki Sessions & Certification

Group Readings

Public Demonstrations

House Cleansings

Justice of the Peace (weddings)

Guest Lecturer

Mentoring for the emerging medium

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Highly recommend Elizabeth.  I have had many reiki sessions with Elizabeth.  Each session has been amazing!  Go in to the session with aches, blocked energy, or just drained from everyday life….and come out of the session feeling renewed, relaxed and my energy more centered.

I first met Liz when we were both studying Evidential Mediumship in 2015. While Liz had been a student longer than me, she took me under her wing and has since become a mentor, teacher and friend.  Liz is a highly talented Medium.  Her readings are spot-on accurate and always delivered with the utmost in professionalism and grace.  As a teacher and mentor, she is firm but fair, and works tirelessly to help one improve both skill and technique.  She is funny and clever and compassionate, and you will not only enjoy every minute you spend with her, you will want to book a follow-up appointment.

Had a reiki session before my knee replacement (9/2015).  Settled me and my healing went exceptionally well.  Would strongly suggest to center and promote healthy solutions.






I look forward to meeting new clients and introducing them to the benefits and healing Reiki and mediumship can bring to daily life.   As we continue on our life journey, I hope our paths cross often and that I can be of assistance to you.   Services are offered in person or online.  Check the News page for the most up to date information. 

1461 Hooksett Rd, Unit C-6  

Hooksett, NH 03106

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 I am an Evidential Medium and Reiki Master.    I consider it a blessing to be able to connect to your loved ones or to provide healing.

Each person has a journey they must complete in this lifetime.  Reiki was a game changer for me. Reiki attunements opened new channels and awareness, causing a vibrational shift.  I feel more connected to the Universe and am led to the healing path; compelled to learn and practice mediumship.   As I take this journey, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring forward messages from loved ones who have passed, and to help you find comfort in the continuity of souls.    

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